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Barren Worlds

My latest publication on DriveThruRPG is Wonders of a Solar System: Barren Worlds. It's a collection of D66 descriptions of small barren terrestrial worlds similar to Mars.

It also includes D66 entries for archaeological finds which may be located on such worlds.

Other things that I've been working on recently include my Ships of Elite collection, which contains conversions of ships from the original Elite computer game to Mongoose Traveller. It now includes most of the common original ships, including the Cobra Mk III and Python. The Boa is currently being worked on.

I've also been working on expanding my assets for Dungeondraft, adding smallcraft, vehicles and even some larger spacecraft as tokens.

My next planned DriveThru publication will be a collection of trade ships, from 100t to 1,000t, for use with Mongoose Traveller. They will include deck plans, renders and game statistics.

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