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Head onwards with the lady Akiko to a pleasant inn. The inn keeper is very subservient to Atiko. The inn is on an imperial road, so it is very plush. According to the inn keeper, Akiko is the best musician in the whole of Rokugan. She is the close friend of Biushi Kito, the governer of Ryoko Owari (sp???).

Apparently there is a lot of interest in the fact that we rescued her from a group of bandits. Hiruma Aki gets most of the glory, but tries to direct it on the rest of us.

Akiko turns up and sings many songs about various things, including Aki and Fujiko. The following morning, Fujiko has a large number of gifts left outside her door. Aki gets some presents as well. Bortai is fortuneatly left alone.

Reach Ryoko Owari, where we show our Imperial Cartographers papers and are allowed into the city. As soon as the guards notice Akiko, we suddenly get a full escort to the magistrate's office. Fujiko gives a report which includes a heroic story about Aki.

We head off to the Inn of the Three Chrysanthemum.

Akiko wants us to meet her in the House of the Golden Plover as her guests.

Things to do in Ryoko Owari

There is a merchant here - Shosuro Seiko - who the original jade plaque was bought from, who we need to question.

Following morning we find a guide to take us to the Grand Warfs where Shosuro Seiko is supposed to be. It is a clean, wealthy area. Can't find her there. She is in the Fields of Gold (a district in the city), and a seller of antiquities.

As we get to the Fields of Gold, we get accosted by a man who has just come out of a house, yelling about his father being murdered. He accusses Aki of having murdered him with his own sword. We call for guards, and he goes raving off down the street.

Fujiko and I go into the house. There is a man pinned to a pillar by a katana. Fujiko does her void touch thing and touches the handle of the sword, getting an image of an irate middle aged woman.

A dignified middle aged woman comes out of the back of the house and explains calmly that her husband has been murdered and that the house is closed.

The guards turn up and arrest the mad bloke because he is irritating. Fujiko accuses the woman of the murder, though she claims she only touched the weapon when she tried to pull it out of her husband.

We leave it to the guards to sort out, and go to see Shosuro Seiko.

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