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The poison used in the attack is very rare and expensive, and available only to Scorpions. There was also an attack on the wife of the Emperor's brother (Shogun) - Lady Doji Yasuyo. She is the sister and closest kinswoman to the Daimyo of the Crane clan Doji Kurohito.

We have two magistrates talking to us: Kitsuki Yoshi and Doji Haruko. They keep us under house arrest/protection for a few days whilst things are being sorted out.

The woman who we fought was Bayushi Akiko. They believe (but have no proof) that the other person involved (sniper on the roof) was another Bayushi named Reo. They may have been agents of the Shadowed Tower.

The Shogun

Whilst waiting around, a man suddenly bursts in upon us - large, generally unkempt and followed by a group of Seppen. I draw my sword and demand to know who he is. He introduces himself as the Shogun - he wants to know if the saving of the Empress had been a deliberate ploy, but after encountering our directness, decides we can't have been involved in any plots knowingly. He invites us to the funeral of his wife.

The Emperor

We are summoned to see the Emperor. He congratulates us on our actions, and says we are an example to Bushido. He asks us about the things we were investigating. He appoints us (Bortai and Aki) to be Imperial Magistrates to carry on these investigations and report directly to the Emerald Throne. We are to report only to his Higness and the Imperial Champion.

He tells us of the Prophecies of Uikku who fortold the clan wars. He tells us to go talk to Daidoji Uji who has some of these prophecies.

When I return to my room there is a scruffy set of high quality riding armour which only gives a +3 TN penalty to stealth and athletics. There is also a good quality katana which gives one free raise for attacks (Kenjutsu, Iajutsu). Again, it looks scruffy. The Emperor is very practical. Shame he's already married.

The Funeral

We go to the funeral of the Shogun's wife. There are very few people there - all of them important, plus us. The Crane Daimyo bows to Aki first, showing him glory.

Going South

Need to go down to CN14 to see Daidoji Uji. Were also meaning to go to the City of the Dead, which is near U20 (the SW version of U20, not the NE version of U20. AEG strikes again).

We decide to head south first anyway, since we're probably leaving Rokugan when we finally get to do City of the Dead and all that. So, we head south.

Receive a present of eye protectors for my horses from the Imperial General. I give the keys to my new house to his sisters whilst I'm away.

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