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God of destruction, decay and change. Whilst humanity was enslaved by the Elves, worship of Ix began to spread for he promised freedom from the hated oppressors. Once his influence had grown to the point where his power was unmatched, he granted his high priests the power to break the world. This was known as the Devastation.

The Destruction was such though that humanity itself was brought to the brink of collapse, and though they had freedom, they were also struggling to survive. In the decades of darkness that followed, people turned away from the worship of Ix, in search of kinder gods that would find them food and shelter, rather than allowing them to seek revenge.

By the start of the 2nd century AD, the priesthood of Ix had formed a power base in Kroth, forging a new nation out of the ashes of the slave rebellion that had burned everything down. Ix though was a cruel and bloodthirsty god, and sought human sacrifice to appease him. His priests were not well loved even in the nation of Kroth, so when the priests were overthrown in the 6th century by the Atharian Republic, not many people wept for them.

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