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A Base is a planet based civilian settlement or military outpost. They share some similarities with star ships, in that they can have 'hull' (structure), armour and weapons - but they cannot move. They are fixed in local on a planet, which makes them sitting targets to some extent.

There are two principle types:

  • Civilian Base - Civilian bases primarily consist of population. They may have armour and weapons, but these will be extremely limited. They can be quite large, especially on habitable worlds, and very difficult to destroy completely. However, nobody attacks a civilian target do they? They have a points cost based on their size.
  • Military Base - Military bases are hardened bases which are often full of troops and will have armour and heavy weapons for defence. They are costed in a similar way to ships.


Bases have STRUCTURE in place of HULL. It is normally divided into four rows. Civilian bases can be very large and have lots of structure.

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