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Some notes on skills for Mongoose Traveller.


Electronics (Computers) can be used for bypassing electronic security systems.


By default, everyone speaks Anglic. Aliens will speak their own native tongue. NPCs may speak only a local tongue (people in the Islands may speak languages derived from old Earth languages).

Taking Language 0 gives you Anglic or Vilani if you don't already have it, plus the ability to make Language checks for common words and phrases in common languages (Aslan, Vargar etc).

Specialisations: Each other language is a specialisation, you need +1 level to speak it well enough for most purposes, +2 level to be completely fluent.


Also covers welding, repairing and similar low tech engineering work, even if done on a ship.

Tends to be INT based rather than EDU.


Split into different specialities, but can't default to the parent skill.

  • Academic
  • Belter
  • Biologicals
  • Civil Engineering
  • Colonist
  • Construction
  • Crewmember
  • Hydroponics
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Polymers
  • Security
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