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Ship Systems

Food and Water

There's little information on how much food and water supplies crew get through whilst aboard a ship.


Each stateroom includes four weeks of food and water for one person. Water is mostly recycled, food is assumed to be mostly a proto-paste that can be converted to something edible and nutritious (if not entirely tasty) by the onboard food processors.

Luxury (larger) staterooms tend to have the same quantity of food, it just happens to be higher quality.

Further Supplies

Extra supplies can be carried in cargo. Each tonne of cargo can contain 100 weeks of supplies for a single person. This includes suitable packaging to keep it fresh over that period.

Note that this is considerably less than what NASA can squeeze in, but there's less need for efficiency so no attempt has been made to improve it to the same extent.

Power Systems

A ship requires 1 point of power for every 10 tonnes of the ship (i.e., 10% of the ship tonnage). This power covers generic ship systems.

  • Heating Systems. If heating systems are switched off to conserve power, then the ship has 1 hour per tonne before it starts getting really uncomfortable. This assumes that temperature will drop whilst in space, and ignores the complications that the main problem may be overheating.
    • [15%] Basic heating systems. If only basic heating is running, the ship will last 4 hours per tonne.
    • [10%] Full heating systems. Requires Basic Heating to function.
  • Air Filtration. Breathable air will last a number of hours equal to the ship mass, divided by the number of people aboard.
    • [10%] Basic Air filtration. Air will last days per tonne, divided by the number of people.
    • [5%] Full Air filtration. Requires Basic Air Filtration.
  • Lighting.
    • [5%] Emergency lighting. Just about enough light to get around by. Difficult to read by though.
    • [5%] Full Lighting. Requires Emergency Lighting.
  • Computers. Without this, cannot use sensors, astrogation or perform jumps.
    • [10%] Basic Computers. If only basic computer systems are running, anything that requires computers is at a DM-4 to any checks.
    • [10%] Full Computers. Requires Basic Computers.
  • Gravity
    • [10%] Half Gravity
    • [10%] Full Gravity
  • [10%] Mechanical Automation, doors, airlocks, landing gear, turrets and anything else which needs to be mechanically moved.

If Power is reduced, then the crew need to select what to switch off.

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