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I'm not happy with the trade prices given in the Mongoose rulebook, so I've come up with my own. The following costs assume a single Jump is being made.

Parsecs Freight Cold Basic Middle High
1 Cr1,000 Cr700 Cr2,500 Cr7,000 Cr10,000
2 Cr1,600 Cr1,300 Cr3,500 Cr9,000 Cr13,000
3 Cr3,000 Cr2,200 Cr5,000 Cr12,000 Cr17,000
4 Cr6,000 Cr4,500 Cr10,000 Cr22,000 Cr32,000
5 Cr10,000 Cr7,000 Cr20,000 Cr42,000 Cr62,000
6 Cr15,000 Cr12,000 Cr35,000 Cr72,000 Cr107,000
7 Cr20,000
8 Cr25,000

Freight Requirements

Freight can be Standard, Fast or Slow. They define when a cargo is expected to be delivered by, and what sort of penalties are in place should delivery be failed.

If delivery is not made within double the allocated time, then the cargo is considered undelivered, and the ship is liable for the full cost of the cargo (as well as not getting any fee).

Encrypted and signed delivery notes are used to define acceptance and delivery times. Receipt is normally considered to have been made on loading of the cargo, and delivery on landing at the designated starport.


  • Pays 100% of the rates given above.
  • Expect to deliver within 12 days of receipt.
  • There is a penalty rate of 10% for each day (or part) overdue.

Fast Freight

  • Pays 120% of the standard rates.
  • Expect to deliver within 10 days of receipt.
  • 20% penalty for each day (or part) overdue.

Slow Freight

  • Pays 75% of the standard rate.
  • Expect to deliver within 30 days of receipt.
  • There is a penalty rate of 5% for each day (or part) overdue.
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