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Gloire VI/v

Reft Sector

Island Corporations

A list of some of the common corporations and organisations within the Islands.

Deepnight Exploration

Based at Egurgadi in Gushemege sector, has an office at Zuflucht.

Exotic Imports

Based out of New Colchis, imports all manner of strange goods, often dangerous animals.

Intuitive Biomedics

Based out of New Colchis, works on vaccine research.

Islandbridge Trading Corporation

Probably the largest of the 'local' megacorporations, operating out of Elysee.

Ling Standard Products, LIC

Imperium megacorporation that has several offices in the Islands, notably on Elysee.

Services de Formation Ecoris

'Ecoris Training Services', is a company that provides advanced self defence and kidnap avoidance training for business people and politicians who consider themselves 'at risk'. It has offices on several worlds around the Islands, and is branching out into the Imperium as well.

It is rumoured to have connections to the Joyeuse secret service.

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