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Legend of the Five Rings, Last week, Next week

We go for our swords… Several of us attack Xan Li, though Goghar throws a flash blomb which blinds Xan Li, Fujiko and Korin. After the initial flurry of blows Xan Li is still standing, and he casts powerful blood magics which rip the ground asunder in the direction of Goghar, but the magic seems to flow around Goghar to no affect.

Bortai strikes Xan Li down., and charges towards Goghar who is backing off rapidly. Gogar throws another flash bomb at Bortai, blinding her, preventing her from chasing further. Attempts to follow Gogar fail.

It is decided to heard towards the docks since Goghar might head in that direction. Pirates are expected to be found. Unfortunately, there are too many pirates, which makes any plan to attack Gogar when he gets there unlikely to succeed. We decide that staying around is probably more risk than it's worth, and head back towards the temple. Hopefully Goghar will leave and forget about us.

We rest the night in a tranquil tea house we had earlier found.

We head down below in search of Baojian. Come up against a stone wall in an unexpected place. Looks like an old stone wall. Fujiko touches the wall and begins to step through it… and steps through to the other side. The rest of us follow and also manage to step through. Seems to have been an illusion of some type.

Go down into a large cavern with beehive like structures in it. The centre of the domed area is a large piece of rock ontop of which - almost embedded in it - is a piece of crystal which has a lump of jade in it.

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