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Also known as the Sinking City, Tannos is the capital of the Atharian Republic. With a population of about one million, it is the largest city in the Known World. It is found on the northern coast of the island of Etos, off the southwestern coast of Velnitia.

It sits in a large natural harbour, which greatly benefits its use as a port and trading hub.



The city of Tannos was initially founded about 2,000 years ago, but gains prominence in 307 AD with the creation of dockyards and warehouses they under the control of the Red Sparrow Shipping Consortium. By the 5th century, the population had grown to over 50,000 people, with the population roughly doubling every century until it reached about half a million by the middle of the 8th century.

It was subsumed into the Atharian Republic in 603 AD, when the island of Etos was officially made part of Velnitia. This didn't change things much for the city - it just started paying some taxes to Athar, and became the official southern port for the Republic.

By this time it was ruled by a number of trade conglomerates known collectively as the Shipping Guild, and it continued in this way until 834 AD. Over the previous few years, rivalries between the different trading factions had increased in severity, until a number of assassination attempts were made against the mercantile lords.

With open fighting on the streets, and trade coming to a stand still, the Emperor sent in soldiers to take control of the city, and a Governor was put in charge. Several of the remaining mercantile lords were executed, and the power of the Shipping Guild was broken.

The City

The major districts of the city are given below, together with their estimated proportion of the population.

Docklands (20%)

Where most of the docks and warehouses are. Lively, mix of middle and lower classes.

The Waterways (10%)

Flooded area. Either abandoned or home to poor and unwanted.

Cemetery (0%)

Island where most of the dead are buried.

The Island (0%)

Island where a few rich families have their homes.

Market District (20%)

Mostly shops. Mix of lower and middle classes.

Terraces (35%)

Middle class housing.

Temple Hill (10%)

Posh area, large temples and government buildings.

White Cliffs (5%)

Posh residential.

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