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Circulus Ruber

Season Winter
Founded 762 AD
Aura Faerie
Symbol A red circle
Magi 11

The eldest covenant in Hibernia, it has members whose ancestors helped Pralix fight against Damhan-allaidh centuries ago. It has changed location many times in its history, but currently it is a solidly built citadel standing on a rocky hill in the Yaelin Forest.

Recently, there has been tension between the older and younger magi of the covenant. The elder magi don't think the younger ones have the experience necessary to make reasoned decisions, whilst the young magi thing the elders too set in their ways, and lacking dedication to improving the covenant.

The covenant was mostly abandoned in 1231, though several of the magi decided remained behind to die with their covenant.


Praeco Alfreya ex Merinita

A tall, dark haired woman born around 1100. She looks quite old, though her hair remains as black and beautiful as it was when she was young. She has little time for study, but prefers the outdoors, and conversing with the animals and fey.

Aurnia ex Criamon

Always asking questions of everyone, her entire body (so it is said) is covered with imprints. In her eighties, she has however managed to preserve her looks.

Echen ex Bonisagus

Born in 1160, he has been working closely with Marie for the last five years, trying to unravel some of the mysteries of faerie magic. He is a handsome, open magus who always has time to talk to those who want to stop by. Recently, he required an apprentice from Sephini of Elk's Run, which has caused that covenant to almost come to blows with Circulus Ruber.

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