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Player's Introduction

It is March, and the beginning of 1221. As magi who have recently completed your apprenticeship you are seeking a covenant that will enable you to make your mark on the world. For you, the choice was easy, since you didn't get much of a choice but were instead told that Cruentis Petram in the Stonehenge Tribunal was the place for you. There has obviously been some political manoeuvring, but you have not been told why.

One name has been mentioned, that of the maga Isabelle Stabilis ex Jerbiton. Whether she is the one that chose you, or whether she was just a messenger, you do not know. There has been a lot of upheaval in the Order of Hermes over the past few years, so maybe you are pawns in some game of politics as rival factions fight for power. Many of the oldest and most powerful magi died 5 years ago during The Long Day when either their longevity enchantments failed, or they were lost in magical realms that can no longer be reached. This has greatly destabilised the Order, though nobody is quite sure what it means yet.

One thing you do know is that all magi should meet the following criteria:

  • We're using 5th Edition Ars Magica. The core rule book, and the Houses of Hermes books (Societes, True Lineages and Mystery Cults) are available to choose options from.
  • You are all young magi, straight out of apprenticeship, between 21 and 25 years of age.
  • You are all capable of dealing with the Church without causing friction (at least, no more than is normal for a magus).
  • You do not have the Blatant Gift.
  • You do not have True Faith, or any Divinely inspired forms of magic.
  • You are capable of working away from the safety of your lab for reasonable periods of time.

Story Outline

Chapter One: A Final Evening

The theme of the first chapter of the saga is to introduce the players to the setting, and to foreshadow future events. The main questions raised were concerning the background of Jeremiah, and the nature of the The Long Day and the young girl Eira.

Most of these questions have been answered by the end of the chapter.

The chapter ends with the Rain of Blood. The Divine has gone from the world, and the PCs have discovered the background to Jeremiah and uncovered the details of a plot within the Order involving magi of Jerbiton and Criamon.

Covers the years 1221 - 1226.

Chapter Two: The Fall of Night

The theme of this chapter is surviving in a world without the Divine. More details to be released as they become available.

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