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Cruentis Petram

Status Spring
Founded 1219
Magi 4
Aura Magical +2
Aegis 25

Cruentis Petram was founded by Jeremiah Vercius ex Jerbiton and Videnaeci ex Criamon. It consists of a collection of stone buildings protected by a wooden wall and ditch in the woods north of the village of Scratching Hill in the Yorkshire Dales. The centre of the covenant consists of a rock formation from which a silvery substance 'bleeds', yielding four pawns of Terram vis a year.

The two founders of the covenant were slain in 1226, Jeremiah by a young girl that had been taken in to the covenant who was thought to have Divine origins, and Videnaeci by a Demon that came to collect the girl. The girl was aided by Drogo, the Turb Captain at the time. Recent evidence suggests that Drogo may have been an agent of the Infernal all along.

Most of the current magi joined the covenant in 1221, having been pushed in its directly by the Jerbiton maga Isabelle as part of a plot between herself, the two founders and some other Criamon and Jerbiton magi who believed that Jeremiah had come from another world which had suffered its own apocalypse. They believed that the next Saviour would be found near York, and had set up the covenant to involve themselves in the predicated events. As it happens, things didn't turn out well for their plot.

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Quaesitor Columbanus ex Gurnicus

The defacto head of the covenant, a Gurnicus magus from Provencal.

Umbriel ex Miscellanea

Found by the magus Einar ex Miscellanea in Ultima Thule, Umbriel has no memories of any time before 1216 though is beginning to piece together bits of her past. She is a pagan shapeshifter, and is blessed with the Gentle Gift. Amongst the grogs, she is noted for her ability to lose her clothing on a regular basis.

Shale ex Miscellanea

Shale is a giant Nordic magus who is a specialist in Terram, with a penchant for destroying things.

Vladimir ex Tytalus

Vladimir joined the covenant later having left Transylvania. He dislikes sunlight and is instantly recognised by his giant hat. He is a Corpus specialist, and has a reputation for heroism amongst the Grogs.

Senach ex Flambeau

He has come here from Elk's Run covenant in Hibernia. A forty year old magus who prefers the subtler methods of destruction. He is fascinated by time, and its gradual wearing down of all things.

Ecticon ex Tytalus

He has come here from Lombard covenant in Hibernia. Exticon is a magus who loves fighting. He uses his magic to shape the terrain and plants around him so as to aid him in combat, and wreak destruction upon his foes.


The laboratories have the following starting statistics.

Size 0
Refinement 0
General Quality +1
Upkeep 0
Safety 0
Warping 0
Health -2
Aesthetics -1

Superior Construction (free), Living quarters (free).

One lab has Awkward shape, which gives -2 safety, -1 aesthetics.

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