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Silva Media Nocte

Founded 1192 AD
Closed 1231

The magi of Silva Media Nocte fled to a magical isle in the Autumn of 1231, leaving nothing of value. All the following information on this page is for historical interest only.

Historical Information

Silva Media Nocte ('the Grove of Midnight') is a hermetic covenant in the Hibernian Tribunal. It is situated near Tara Hill, which bears the Stone of Destiny where the high kings of Ireland were crowned. While the Hibernian praeco resides elsewhere, the Grove is home to the Tribunal's presiding quaesitor, who has been unable to travel for some years. That, and its central location, make it the current meeting place of the Tribunal.

Close to the Stone of Destiny, there lies a barrow known as Dumha na nGiall ('the Mound of the Hostages'). The barrow features a stone-lined passageway leading several yards into the mound. The passageway faces directly east, allowing the sun to shine in on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. It used to function as a gateway to two different regions (one faerie, one magical), but this has changed since the Long Day. The magi have yet to complete their explorations of the new regio.

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Bramman ex Merinita

Pontifex of the covenant and frequent guest at the table of the Faerie King of Meadh

Quaesitor Inkyrius ex Criamon

He lost his legs some years ago and now moves around with the aid of an enchanted chair.

Adeodatus ex Miscellanea

Magus, age 37.

Clodagh ex Merinita

Maga, age 29.

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