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Glan an Cridhe

Status Spring
Founded 1205
Magi 3
Aegis 20

This is a small covenant of 3 magi in a small valley amongst wooded hills. The covenant is dominated by a large two story wooden building, which sits in the middle of a wooden fort. It has stables, storerooms and a small barracks for the grogs.

Glan an Cridhe means Pure of Heart, and the magi here seek a peaceful life of quiet study. They are relatively religious, and though there are no priests at the covenant, much of their study is of holy texts as well as Hermetic lore.


Marcus the Pure ex Bonisagus

Marcus is the head of the covenant, and also the eldest. In his 70s (looking in his 50s), he is a strong willed man with a long dark beard. He has a quiet but firm voice, and specialises in Intellego, Mentem and theology.

Jacob the Peaceful ex Miscellanea

Probably the most powerful magus in the covenant, Jacob is an elementalist, with mastery over air, birds and the earth. He is in his 40s, and dedicates his study to mastering his magic or communing with the birds of the air.

Sara the Thoughtful ex Tytalus

Sara is the youngest of the magi here, and the most interested in philosophy, especially arithmetic, logic and geometry. She is also skilled at Vim, enjoying the exploration of the theoretical, pure, side of Hermetic magic. She is in her late twenties, quite tall by very thin. She seems atypical for a Tytalus, until you understand that she views the mastery of natural philosophy to be the greatest challenge of all.

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