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Season Late Summer
Founded 1073
Symbol Thunderbolt superimposed on a Norman style helmet
Magi 6
Aura Magic
Regis 50

Horsingas was founded as a base from which to launch resistance against the Norman invaders in the 11th century. Though that battle has been long since lost, it still makes raids against English holdings in the North, and tries very hard to preserve the independence of Scotland. Not because they like Scotland, but because they have a dislike of the English crown.

They are in flagrant breach of the Code for their activities, but the only Quaesitor in Loch Leglean is part of Horsingas, and turns a blind eye to what her sodalis get up to. The covenant is run by Sir Edwin, Quaesitor Whitburh and Sir Jehan.


Sir Edwin of Hexham ex Tytalus

A young, dynamic magus who acts as the covenant's war leader. He has a terrifying stead, Heard Healu, and is skilled in combat - both magical and mundane.

Quaesitor Whitburh Frithowebba

In her 70s, Quaesitor Whitburh is a powerful maga of House Guernicus. She turns a blind eye to the actions of her sodalis, though she does not take part in their activities herself.

Giuseppe Del Mato ex Flambeau

An italian magus who hates the French (and by association, the Norman descended English royalty). He prefers magi which enhances his own abilities rather than using flashy fire magic. He is in his 40s.

Sir Jehan ex Jerbiton

Another warrior magus, Jehan considers himself a noble and refuses to speak to anyone 'beneath him', except to give orders. He was trained late as a magus, and has scrambled memories of his time as a young knight before that. He is in his 50s.

Ealwynn of Keswick ex Bjornaer

Ealwynn's heartbeast is a stoat, and is a short, bloodthirsty maga who specialises in Perdo magic. Her hair turns white in winter and brown in summer. Ealwynn is married to Coenwulf, and is in her 40s.

Coenwulf Eofurcumbol ex Bjornaer

Coenwulf is a large Bjornaer magus who takes the shape of a Boar, and even has boar tusks when in human form. He is in his 30s, and married to Ealwynn. He is tactless and aggressive.

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