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Loch Hourn

Season Spring
Founded 1215
Magi 9
Aura Magic
Aegis 35

A new covenant on the north west coast of Scotland, it is populated by a group of young Scottish magi who have banded together for protection. It consists of a number of small, heavily fortified, stone buildings along the shore of the loch. It has magical defences as well, as well as a sizeable turb.

It is led by Tara the Green Haired.


Tara the Green Haired ex Merinita

Tara is a maga from Hibernia, and is the most senior of the magi at Loch Hourn. In her sixties, she is much older than the rest of the magi who view her in a motherly role. She is protective of her covenant, and can be vicious against those who seek it harm. She is known to be a Herbam and Terram specialist.

Roy of Stirling ex Miscellanea

A small magus who is sensitive about his height. Roy is in his late 20s, and skilled in Perdo and Corpus.

Morag ex Tytalus

A hot headed maga the same age as Apirka, but incredibly jealous of her looks. She is an Ignem specialist, quick to anger and slow to forgive.

Tavish ex Flambeau

Tavish is a young magus in his late twenties who loves flashy effects, specialising in Ignem and Auram.

Nairne ex Verditius

Nairne the Storm Witch joined the covenant in 1225 after her covenant of Lochganvich was destroyed.

Einar ex Miscellanea

Einar is the eldest Magus here, being in his late seventies. He is a power air and water wizard, and has spent many years plying the whale road as far as Greenland in the west and Finland in the east. He has much knowledge of Ultima Thule, and his magic is specialised for dealing with the cold winters and rough seas. He has a reputation for finding non-Hermetic magi and bringing them into the Order.

Masque ex Tremere

Maga, 34.

Jester ex Merinita

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. Jester was named such by his master, who complained bitterly that he never laughed or joked, something that he considered a major failing in one of his house. Since his gauntlet in 1115, he has not changed, and remains deadly serious at all times.

Marie ex Merinita

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. Born in 1174, she is a tall, plump woman with white hair and green eyes. She likes to study, though sometimes spends long weeks on sabbatical out in the wilderness.

Sillick ex Verditius

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. Called Ratty by the rest of the covenant, because of his dislike of leaving his lab (or even sleeping, eating or bathing), he has a somewhat skittish personality, often getting sidetracked from his many projects, leaving them in unfinished states. He was born in 1150.

Quaesitor Bantine ex Guernicus

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. He is the presiding Quaesitor of the Tribunal. In his 60's, he has a strong grasp of Hermetic Law. He is very much a transistionist however, and tends to look favourably on covenants such as Lombard.

Dead Magi

Eachan ex Miscellanea

Eachan is a practical, down to earth, magus who sees the threats against the covenant as something that can be dealt with by steel and fire. In his forties, he is aggressive and competent in his tactics.

Apirka ex Miscellanea

Apirka is a young maga renowned for her beauty, charm and wit. At 24, she is still inexperienced in her Hermetic abilities, but can still use them effectively to enhance her social charms. She is a Mentem specialist.

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