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Redcaps of Loch Leglean

Loch Leglean tribunal is at the extreme far north of the Order, and its contact with the rest of Europe is limited. A couple of Redcaps from Stonehenge make contact with the low lands, but there is only a single Redcap who is based in this Tribunal.

Stonehenge Redcaps:

  • Justinia ex Mercere
  • Sachsenross ex Mercere


John Mac Crieff

A pious Redcap who sees it as his duty to keep the covenants of Loch Leglean in contact with each other and the rest of the Order. He visits Schola Pythagoranis at least once every 7 years, but otherwise rarely descends further south than Voluntas. The bulk of his time is spent in the highlands of Scotland. He has a close relationship with Justinia

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