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Rain of Blood

In the Spring of 1226, on the 8th of April, a great storm came up suddenly across all of Europe, and there was a red rain which covered the land in blood. The deluge lasted about half an hour, then turned to a normal, but fierce, thunder storm.

For magi, on the onset of the blood rain all magical spells were undone, including Parma Magica and Aegis of the Hearth. Several covenants were attacked during the minutes following the collapse of defences.

Since the Rain of Blood, the influence of the Divine has been reduced across the land, and many villages are without an aura, though the aura in Churches and other sacred sites is still present, though slightly reduced.

On the morning of the 9th, at sunrise, all those who had died since that time rose again as undead. Since that day, anyone who has died has risen on the following morning.

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