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Blackthorn Covenant

Status Autumn
Founded 911 AD
Magi 7
Aura Faerie
Symbol Rose with drop of blood

The Covenant of Blackthorn has been the head covenant of the Stonehenge Tribunal for as long as anyone can remember, but their power has been threatened for the last twenty years by Voluntas covenant, and they are no longer guaranteed to get their way on everything at Tribunals. It is located in a series of magical caves in Wales, and it has a history of dark rumours and bloody legends. The magi here are said to be heavily influenced by the dark fay, or even as some suggest, diabolic powers.

Blackthorn is a powerful covenant, its members ruthless in their attempts to secure their privacy and influence. The mundanes hereabout have been greatly influenced by magical enchantments in order to bring about their loyalty and effectiveness in guarding the covenant. They claim that the lands about their caves are also part of their covenant, and that any who live on this land are their servants, to whom they may do what they will. So far, no one has successfully taken them to task about this.

The symbol of the covenant is a rose thorn with a drop of blood. It is an Autumn covenant, founded in 911 AD. The deepest parts of the covenant are said to have a +8 faerie aura.


Ainya ex Merinita

Over one hundred years old, Ainya is a powerful woman, who makes it her habit to know everything that goes on around her covenant. Her appearance gives away her fey heritage with long silver hair, mismatched eye colour, and claws instead of nails. She is powerful and dangerous, having little respect for mundanes.

Braxter ex Merinita

Though he looks in his late twenties, Braxter is over 90 years old. He has the blood of the fey of winter within him, and has spent much time studying magic to represent this. His reputation is of a cold, cruel, magus.

Llew ex Merinita

He has a beauty only the blood of the fey can give. He is passionate, lustful and sadistic.

Offa ex Miscellanea

Offa is one of the more stable members of the covenant, and as Ainya's grip on reality fades due to Twilight he is stepping up more and more as the spoke person of the covenant. He is a worshipper of the pagan gods, and has little love of Christianity, but his outlook is practical rather than sadistic.

Moranna ex Miscellanea

Moranna is a powerful necromancer and earth magus.

Uthrad ex Miscellanea

Uthrad is the filius of Offa, and was apprenticed at Blackthorn. Like Offa, he follows pagan gods and specialises in earth and elemental magic.

Ingrat ex Merinita

An incredibly beautiful, dark haired maga who is normally quiet, keeping her thoughts to herself. She left the covenant in 1202 for a long hiatus, but returned recently in 1216, after Long Day. She left again in 1231 and has not been seen since.

Ash ex Merinita

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia, Ash was the head of that covenant. He is in his 80s, and he is one of the most skilled Herbam magi in the Order.

Elm ex Merinita

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia. She is a generalist, though her skills are strongest in Herbam, Terram and Animal. She is a lover of Ash, and is only slightly younger than him.

Quaesitor Sabh ex Guernicus

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia, she is known to be an insightful Quaesitor. She has joined Blackthorn along with some of her Sodalis after fleeing the Demons of Hibernia.

Redcap Mortana ex Mercere

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia, she is an ungifted Redcap.

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