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Oppidum of Histria

Season Autumn
Founded 920
Magi 8
Aura Magical

Histria is split into two settlements - Old Histria, a pre-Roman fortress on the mountain northeast of Pazin, and Shrouded Bay on the island of Cres.

Most of the magi here take the suffix Adiran to mark them as being “of the Adriatic”.


Accursius Adiran ex Mercere

Accursius is the chief Mercere of the covenant. In his 90s, he also acts as the head of Histria.

Leontine Adiran ex Tytalus

Maga Leontine is the chief negotiator for the covenant. She is in her 30s.

Pahniro Adiran ex Tremere

Magus Pahniro is the Aedile of Old Histria, managing its relationship with House Tremere. He is well over a hundred years old.

Placido Adiran ex Tremere

Magus Placido is the Aedile of Shrouded Bay. He is not yet 40.

Priscilla ex Verditius

Maga Priscilla grudgingly spends most of her time making longevity potions for the unGifted. She is in her 40s.

Volante Adiran ex Mercere

The maga Volante is a Gifted Mercere. She is in her 60s.

Adrastia ex Tytalus

Adrastia is a cold, cruel maga in her 80s. She is a powerful Rego Corpus specialist, with a bad reputation. She had an apprentice named Vladimir, who is now at Cruentis Petram covenant in Stonehenge.

Julia Adiran ex Tremere

The maga Julia is in her 50s, and specialises in hunting the supernatural.

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