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Ardasii Metals

Originally created in 943 from the merger of several mining companies on Ardasii (Tobia Subsector / Trojan Reach / 2815), Ardasii Metals was able to greatly improve the efficiency of all the small companies by combining their resources and aggressively streamlining headcount.

Ardasii is a metal rich desert world, but has no industrial capacity of its own, so the company made its money by shipping the minimally processed ore off world, and for a while was known for its incredibly minimalist ore freighters, which were basically a jump drive and an unpressurised hull.

Since then Ardasii Metals has branched out into other domains, including bio-exploitation, terraforming and advanced refinery – for the latter it has refineries in multiple systems which have the industrial base to support them, for the former it is exploring the border worlds between Imperial and Aslan space.

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