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Bu Dari Sernug

Bu Dari Sernug, aka Black Sky Industries, is a major starship construction firm based in Deneb, but with a presence at many class A starports across Deneb, the Spinward Marches and the Trojan Reach.

It was formed in 927 at Vincennes (Vincennes Subsector / Deneb / 1122), initially building cheap ships from generic unlicensed templates. They rapidly got a good reputation of being cheap but reliable, and started to work on their own designs until by 1000 they had left their ‘cheap’ reputation behind them.

Their tagline is Engineering Beyond the Stars, and is known for taking on the biggest, most impressive custom projects that it can. It has a good reputation of building high quality on time and on budget, constructing starships, space stations and asteroid based habitats.

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