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A family run business, currently owned by the multi-trillionaire Galvin Madexi-Worf. It’s more a trademark for a range of different companies, most of which manage massive building projects or luxury cruise ships. Their holdings can be found throughout the Trojan Reach, normally at class A or B starports, in the form of hotels, clothing shops and high end restaurants. There is also a starship cruise line that is run by the firm, which often take people between the various ports that the company has a stake in.

The company dates back to the late 900s, and was formed from the marriage of a Solomani family and a businesswoman from New Colchis. They got lucky in buying up cheap property in Zeng subsector, initially centred around Yvette (Macon Subsector / Reft / 1103).

In 1034, the company HQ was moved to Mirage (Gazulin Subsector / Trojan Reach / 2909), where a massive hotel resort was built in the middle of the desert, and huge tax savings could be made.

Galvin Madexi-Worf took over the company after the death of his mother in 1096, and has been running it ever since. It has a reputation for style over substance, and promoting Vilani culture over all others. Recently it has started making deals with a number of Aslan companies in the Trojan Reach.

The actual wealth of the company, and its owners, is often a topic of debate, and tracing the money as it is shuffled between all the sub-companies has become a job for life for a number of tax and fraud inspectors.

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