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Abalesk 0223

Abalesk is a small dry world, with several shallow seas and icy polar caps.

Meso Arean world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 6,400km (density 5.3)
Gravity: 48%
Day Length: 17h 34m
Orbit: 43Mkm (I)
Atmosphere: Very Thin (29%)
Hydrographics: 30%

Abalesk World Map

Port/TL: A/12
Population: 700 thousand
Government: Representative Democracy
Law Level: 1 (Few restrictions)


M0 V Dwarf

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 43Mkm MesoArean Main World, Abalesk.
II 75Mkm EuArean Barren, desert
A 150Mkm AsteroidBelt
III 198Mkm EuArean Cold, barren desert
IV 4AU Saturnian
V 9AU Saturnian
VI 15AU Stygian
VII 19AU Stygian
VIII 35AU SuperJovic Sub-brown dwarf
IX 65AU Stygian
X 71AU Stygian
XI 78AU Ymirian
XII 95AU Stygian


Berthing Fees: 2,000Cr/week

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