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Egurgadi 0126

Egurgadi is a world totally covered with water. Though the water at the poles is cold, it rarely freezes due to there being nothing to prevent the mixing of warmer waters. Apart from a few research scientists, the world is unpopulated by humans.

Bathic world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 9,600km (density 5.9)
Gravity: 81%
Day Length: 20h 30m
Orbit: 160MKm (II)
Atmosphere: Thin (55%)
Hydrographics: 100%

This is a dwarf terrestrial world, completely covered with water. Ice sometimes forms over the poles during the winter, but this is uncommon. The seas range between 5km and 25km in depth, and the thin atmosphere is mostly nitrogen with low levels of oxygen.

There are two moons, both airless rocks less than 1,000km in diameter.

Egurgadi World Map

Port/TL: A/15
Population: 500
Government: None
Law Level: 0 (No restrictions)
Language: Anglic


K1 V Dwarf

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 23Mkm Sokarian Tidally locked hot dwarf jovian world
II 78Mkm Hyperionic Giant terrestrial world with thick, toxic atmosphere
III 137Mkm Bathic Main world, Egurgadi, dwarf terrestrial with global ocean
IV 201Mkm Arean
V 378Mkm Arean
VI 3AU Ymirian
VII 8AU Jovic
VIII 19AU Cthonian
IX 30AU Stygian
X 45AU Thean


Moon 1: Benny, 960km diameter, 96,000km orbit.
Moon 2: Sophia,836km diameter, 175,000km orbit.
Berthing Fees: 4,000Cr/week

The population of Egurgadi is officially in the hundreds, but the actual population of sophonts is in the millions, they just aren't recognised as such by the Imperium. Living in the seas, large whale-like creatures popularly known as 'cat-fish' due to their long whiskers form an intelligent society. They have no technological civilisation, but they have language, philosophy and poetry.

There is no down port, however the high port is a hive of activity well beyond what the world's official population would suggest. The innermost moon, Benny, is home to a thriving civilian ship construction business mostly run by GsbAG and General Products. There's about 500,000 people living and working here at any one time.

There is a university on the second moon of Sophia, the Sophia-Egurgadi Interstellar University (SEIU), which specialises in astrophysics and engineering. The population of the moon including students is about 250,000.

Several exploration companies are based out of here, making good use of the shipyards and university, including Deepnight Exploration.

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