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Amondiage 2325

Reft / Old Islands / /2325

One of the First Three (New Home, Neubayern and Amondiage; the first worlds settled by the ESA colony mission), Amondiage is a dry world with standard atmosphere. Its settlement pattern is typical; most of the population dwell in high-technology arcologies near abundant water sources, with smaller and less well-developed settlements in remote areas.

It has an A class star port, TL 12 high law dictatorship with a population of just over 3 billion. It is a dictatorship, ruled by President Arlette Bisset, who has a reputation of being something of a hawk. She is 67 years old, and has three daughters and two sons - her eldest daughter is being prepped for taking over on her mother’s death, but there could be a challenge from her eldest son.

No weapons or overt body armour will be allowed through starport customs, and there are stiff penalties for being caught with a weapon.

It is a naturally dry world, but has been extensively terraformed since its colonisation, and much of the land surface is hardy grassland designed to cope with the harsh conditions. Though there is shrub-land, there are few real forests. It is also small, and the low gravity is noticeable

Though Ganglic is generally understood, a lot of people here insist on using their local language.


From Orbit

Coming into land at the starport, which sits on the southern coast of the New Medittereanian, it is obvious that the oceans only cover a small fraction of the world, with five major seas one of which are directly connected to each other.

The land is mostly grassland, with patches of darker vegetation where trees can be found. The major settlements are around the coastlines, where towering arcologies have been built. Intensive farming and irrigation making up the rest of the settled areas.

The capital city is across the sea from the starport, just on the equator, built where the mountains meet the sea, and surrounded by sandy beaches.



A bar with a zero-g central area and netting. Rather rough.

Jamostazini Hospital

A good quality hospital on the High Port.


Journalist Pierre Risija

Works for ACNN at the world's capital, north of the starport.


Amondiage Civil News Network (ACNN)

Main, and pretty much only, news network on the world. Controlled by the government, for the government. Everybody knows that it's propaganda, but it's how things are done so few complain.

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