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Elysee 1525

A world run by corporations for the benefit of the corporations. There are few rules and regulations here.

Eu Arean world (star map)
Diameter: 8,000km (density 4.2)
Gravity: 48%
Day Length: 22h 30m
Orbit: 1.4 AU (II)
Atmosphere: Vacuum
Hydrographics: Desert

Port/TL: B/9
Population: 800,000
Government: Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level: 2 (Portable energy weapons prohibited)
Language: French and Vilani

Elysee is a small, airless world with significant ice caps which keep the population supplied with sufficient water for their basic survival. It has a population of 800,000, the majority of which dwell in crater settlements up near the poles.

The largest city is Conthal, with a population of almost 80,000, which also acts as the downport for the world's starport. Apart from a light customs check, there's little between the starport and the city itself, and nothing stopping people leaving the port via other means.

The world is run by the heads of half a dozen families on Elysee, all of which also happen to be members of the largest corporations and are probably the richest people on the world.

A number of companies are based here, including Islandbridge Trading Corporation - one of the largest corporations in the Islands.


The world of Elysee is non-industrial, but provides plenty of raw resources to those that are. It has easy to reach deposits of rare earth metals, and no ecology to worry about ruining. Food is grown in subterranean greenhouses heated by fusion reactors.


There are two stars here, a G1 V dwarf, which most of the worlds are around, and an M2 V dwarf. The latter orbits between 30 AU and 120 AU from the primary G1, and has a single asteroid belt 0.3 AU from it. As of 1106, the M2 dwarf is about 70AU away and heading outwards.

  • I - 0.5AU - Hermian
  • II - 1.4AU - Elysee
  • A - 2.5 AU - Asteroid Belt
  • III - 2.6 AU Large cold Selenian, on the edge of the asteroid belt.
  • IV - 5 AU - Rocky ice ball.

There are several small mining outposts in the belt around the M2 dwarf, operated by Ling Standard Products, LIC. Given that there are no refuelling points here, it's assumed that they've found something interesting.

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