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Eskandor 3028

A small, dry world with a thin atmosphere and a low population.

Meso Arean world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 8,000km (density 5.7)
Gravity: 65%
Day Length: 22h 55m
Orbit: 140MKm (II)
Atmosphere: Thin (58%)
Hydrographics: 10%

Eskandor World Map

Port/TL: C/9
Population: 80 thousand
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 9 (Weapons outside the home prohibited)
Language: Anglic


G3 V dwarf

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 55Mkm Hermian Hot, barren world.
II 95Mkm Bathic Dwarf world, 7,000km diameter, liquid water surface.
III 148Mkm MesoArean Eskandor, main world.
IV 242Mkm EuArean Cold, barren world.
V 3AU Poseidonic Small, watery gas giant
VI 8AU Saturnian Gas giant
VII 18AU Saturnian Gas Giant
VIII 31AU Neptunian Gas Giant
IX 40AU Thean Large terrestrial ice world
X 48AU Stygian
XI 53AU Stygian
XII 61AU Stygian
XIII 84AU SuperJovic


Berthing Fees: 100Cr/week

Eskandor is a dry world with a few seas in the southern hemisphere. Most of the vegetation is in the south, with the northern hemisphere made up of scrub and desert.

The small population is spread out around the coastal regions, high tech towns rather than cities with high level of robotics to manage most of the agriculture and other heavy work. Most of the population has a high amount of leisure time, and spend that time in art, sports or intellectual pursuits.

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