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New Colchis 1327

A world of big cities and rich corporations, New Colchis is built to serve those who have wealth. It is a strict dictatorship. but freedom of expression is greatly valued as long as it isn't aimed at the ruling family.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 12,800km (density 5.5)
Gravity: 100%
Day Length: 23h 52m
Orbit: 190MKm (V)
Atmosphere: Dense, Tainted (130%)
Hydrographics: 50%

A medium Gaian world with a population over 3 billion. It is slightly on the dry side, with a single equatorial ocean and a dense, tainted atmosphere which is otherwise breathable by most people. It is TL 12, with a class A starport. It has an Amber travel advisory code (see below).

New Colchis has two small moons, Gabriel (1,080km diameter, at 250,000km) and Gadreel (720km diameter, at 420,000km). Both are airless Selenian rockballs.

Port/TL: A/12
Population: 3 billion
Government: Charismatic Dictatorship
Law Level: 10 (Weapon possession prohibited)


There are two K-type stars here - a K1 dwarf and a K9 dwarf. They are close binary companions, orbiting within 5Mkm of each other. The rest of the system orbits the common centre of gravity of the two.

The jump mask stretches out to a touch over 100Mkm, which encloses both Gerra and New Colchis, requiring that ships jump outside of the stellar mask. Due to the orbits of the two inner stars, this mask wobbles, making it tricky to accurately predict jumps. Astrogation checks into and out of New Colchis have a -1 DM to the check unless you want to play it safe and adding time to the in-system journey.

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 50Mkm Cytherian Gerra, a hot hell world with a dense atmosphere.
II 92Mkm EuGaian New Colchis, main world. Has two moons.
III 178Mkm EuArean Greenland, very thin atmosphere, cold. 30 million population. Type G port.
IV 300Mkm EuArean Iceland, trace atmosphere, very cold. 15 million population. Type H port.
V 6-8AU Gelidian Icy world with elliptical orbit.
VI 9AU-15AU Gelidian Icy world with highly elliptical orbit.

It is 10Mkm from outside the stellar jump mask to New Colchis, but cutting it fine gives a -1 DM to the astrogation check. Crews wanting to be safe aim for a 15Mkm distance.

At 1g, 10Mkm takes 17h44m, and 15Mkm takes 21h43m of travel.

At 2g thrust, 10Mkm takes 12h32m, or for 15Mkm 15h21m.

Civilian ships are not permitted beyond the 5 AU line without prior authorisation, this being the domain of the New Colchis navy.

There is a naval base and shipyards at the outermost moon of New Colchis, which controls an extensive sensor network that they claim allows them to pinpoint any ship within 100AU of the central system. They have system defence boats based at V and VI, to forbid access to civilians.

New Colchis

New Colchis is a high population, high tech world in the New Islands subsector, and one of the main powers in the Islands Cluster. Originally settled by colonists from Colchis, its culture is very Anglo-American in nature, and is often at odds with Amondiage, Neubayern and Joyeuse. It has close cultural ties to Colchis, New Home and Serendip Belt however.

From Orbit

It is a Gaian world with an equatorial ocean. A ring of orbital habitats encircle the world at an altitude of about 1,000km, which is where the high port is located. The two moons are also populated, and the outermost is a naval base.


Berthing Costs: Cr2,000/week
Warehouse Costs: 5 days free, then Cr250/dt/day

A dispersed, interconnected web of hanger bays, residential habitats and industrial blocks. It is busy, noisy and has a wide mix of rich and poor living side by side. Holovid advertising is ubiquitous, as is surveillance for tracking individuals. Tracking is done by private companies who sell the information to whoever can pay. Mostly the information is used for advertising, but it can be used for more nefarious purposes as well.

Weapons and armour are not permitted within the Highport, though the local police are well armed. Cargo only needs to go through customs if it is heading for an in-system location.

Total population of the orbital habitats is around 200 million.


Much like the highport, the downport at Dakota City is an island near the equator. The dense, tainted atmosphere can be hard to breathe (END 8+ or suffer mild coughing, 4+ or suffer serious breathing difficulties). Breathing masks are readily available, as are cybernetic implants.

Advertising and the rich/poor divide is just as bad here as it is at the highport.

Government and Law

New Colchis itself is ruled by King Wilhelm, who acts as dictator. He inherited the title from his father, who inherited it from his grandmother. The powers of the king are somewhat limited, in that though he has total control, exercising that control requires that the other Principalities don't interfere in his decisions. As such the politics of the world are quite complicated, and control has switched from one Principality to another before. Normally marriage and other ties are used to ensure smooth cooperation.

Use of weapons is strictly regulated, and the carrying of firearms is prohibited. Open criticism of the ruling families is also outlawed, though otherwise people are pretty free to do as they please. Local law enforcement is generally well behaved, though those spreading 'misinformation' about the King or his family will be quickly rounded up and given a trial. Such trials are fair, though you need to consider that saying bad things about the royal family is a serious crime, even if those things are true.


The world has a population of just over 3 billion, with most of it urbanised and about 200 million permanently living in orbit amongst the various habitats that ring the world mostly at 1,000km altitude. There are a few million living on the two moons, and about fifty million more living around the system.

Much of the rest of society is heavily influenced by half a dozen huge corporations, who each have considerable influence on laws and society. There is no social safety net - if you don't have a job then you will find yourself quickly out of a home and starving unless you can rely on others. Few can afford decent medical care, though medical care is excellent if you can afford it. There are few employment laws, and a lot of people work multiple jobs, often as part of a gig economy.

There is heavy industry in orbit, and on the two small moons that orbit the main world. Most of the bodies in the system are being worked in some way.

The population tends to be concentrated in bands around the tropics, with over a billion people living in heavily urbanised areas. There are twelve cities with a population over 10 million, with the largest being New Chicago at 35 million which is home to the royal palace. The main starport is at Dakota City, population 24 million.

Given the dense, tainted atmosphere, cities tend to be unpleasant with considerable smog from industry. There are plenty of no-go areas in the cities, and though the law is strict and weapons of any type are prohibited, there are plenty of criminal elements that ignore these limitations.

There is little in the way of public health care, though cybernetics are readily available if you're willing to enter into long running repayment terms. The strict laws are more towards supporting the status quo, so there are few restrictions on what can be bought or sold other than weapons. Contracts between adults are deemed legal and biding, even to the point of allowing death. Getting into debt on the world is a very serious situation, and Travellers have been forbidden from leaving until their debts are paid. These considerations are what has led to the world's Amber rating.

The world is keen to embrace everything, and everyone, who is different. As well as being welcoming to off-worlders, they also seek to embrace the weird themselves, and body modification is common.


New Colchis produces a number of goods:

  • Common Electronics, Industrial Goods, Manufactured Goods
  • Advanced Electronics, Machine Parts, Manufactured Goods, Weapons, Vehicles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vehicles
  • Cybernetics, Illegal Cybernetics

New Colchis is in need of the following:

  • Biochemicals
  • Live Animals
  • Uncommon Ore, Raw Materials
  • Spices

Export of weapons larger than rifles requires an export license from the government, and they tend to limit where they can be shipped to.


Exotic Imports

A company specialising in importing unusual, and generally dangerous, animals. They are often used in fighting matches, either pitted against each other or even humans. They will pay well for healthy specimens, especially of creatures that aren't common.

Intuitive Biomedics

A medical research company specialising in anti-virals and anti-disease medicines.

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