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Serendip Belt 1323

One of the major powers of the Islands, Serendip Belt is a belter culture strongly bound together with their social identity. They value politeness, skills and competence, and strive hard to be good at what they do in order to better fit into that society. The pressure to find a valued place in that society can be tough though, especially when robots dominate much of the labour force.

Asteroid Belt (wiki) (map) (guide)
Orbit: 250Mkm - 350MKm (A)

Port/TL: A/12
Population: 2 billion
Government: Representative Democracy
Law Level: 9 (Weapon possession outside of home prohibited)


Orbit Distance Type Description
I 65Mkm Ferrinian Eddystone, 7,000km diameter, airless world.
II 180Mkm Poseidonic Mersea, Sub-Jovian world, 50,000km diameter, with large amounts of water vapour.
A 300Mkm Asteroids Serendip Belt, main.
III 4AU Saturnian Skye, Dwarf-Jovian, 100,000km diameter.
IV 8AU BathyAmunian Foulness, 10,000km diameter, ammonia seas thick atmosphere.
V 11AU Vestian Hayling, 3,000km diameter, icy rocks.
VI 16AU Jovic Orkney, Meso-Jovian, 135,000km diameter.
VII 25AU Gelidian Rona, 2,500km diameter.
VIII 27AU Gelidian Arran, 3,000km diameter.
IX 33AU Gelidian Iona, 1,800km diameter.
X 41AU CryoNebulous Shetland, 19,000km diameter. Giant frozen world with limited Cryovolanic activity. Has a large Gelidian moon (5,000km diameter) in elliptical orbit.
B 50AU Ice Belt Ranges from 45Mkm to 60Mkm
XI 73AU Kuiper Yell, 1,340km diameter.
XII 95AU Kuiper Hoy, 1,200km diameter.

Serendip Belt

There are approximately two billion people leaving throughout the belt, mostly living in hollowed out asteroid habitats, though there are also plenty of families and groups living in small craft which move from job to job.


Berthing Costs: Cr2,000/week

The focus of the population in the Belt, and also the location of the main starport, is C-Jammer, the ancient ship that made its way from Terra to the Islands a thousand years ago. It is a 4km long asteroid, hollowed out through the middle with a tube that contains the main habitation areas. It's population is about 100,000.

The drive systems have been dismantled at the rear, and the front has been reworked into a large starport with plenty of room for ships to dock. The starport is clean and efficient, with a lot of attention applied to safety details.


The government is a Representative Democracy, with party elections every five years. There are currently two major parties and three minor ones, and most elections end with a major and minor sharing joint power. The ruler is the Prime Minister, who is currently Martin Peterson of the Democratic League (in power with the Outer Belt Coalition).

  • Social Workers Alliance (major) - favoured by the lower classes
  • Democratic League (major) - favoured by the higher classes
  • Outer Belt Coalition (minor)
  • Workers Collective (minor)
  • Technocratic Libertarians (minor)

Government is highly transparent, and all government meetings except those considered sensitive are streamed live. Voting records are public, and pay is directly tied to ministers public ratings. The Technocratic Libertarians are generally in favour of being even more open, and the Worker's Collective being in favour of more privacy - both in government and private life.

The government has authority throughout the system, not just in the belt.


The gardens are:

  • Garden Park
  • Garden Forest
  • Garden Farms
  • Wild Garden

The towns are:

  • Dock Town - Star port facilities, a lot of standard hotels and restaurants.
  • Sleeper Town - Residential and commercial, where all the best places are.
  • Capital - Financial and government centres, university, high tech industry.
  • Boom Town - renamed after the Waking, when it was full of young families as the population tried to rapidly expand.
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