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Fist 2918

A water world with numerous small islands of white beaches and green tropical rain forests. Only the extremely wealthy, or those that serve them, can afford to live here. Orbiting the world are small moonlets, carved with murals of human achievements.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 11,200km (density 5.5)
Gravity: 88%
Day Length: 27h 22m
Orbit: 185MKm (III)
Atmosphere: Dense (140%)
Hydrographics: 90%

Port/TL: B/12
Population: 30,000
Government: Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level: 0 (No prohibitions)


Orbit Distance Type Description
I 0.3 AU Phaetonic Orbits between 15Mkm and 70Mkm, the whole crust melts as it approaches the star.
Belt/A 0.5 AU Vulcanian Belt A thin belt of rocky remnants, high in metals.
II 0.9 AU Nebulous A terrestrial world 22,000km in diameter, with a surface gravity of almost 2g. Still retains a dense helium atmosphere. Uninhabited.
III 1.3 AU EuGaian Fist, a pleasant garden world with a population of 30,000.
IV 2.5 AU EuArean A small, dry desert world with a trace atmosphere. There's a small population of a few thousand independents who are avoiding contact with offworlders.
V 4 AU Poseidonic Eirus. Sub-Jovian world. Class C starport on the moon of Dore.
VI 9 AU Saturnian Chuvurn.
VII 16 AU MesoAmunian Cold world with a nitrogen atmosphere and ammonia oceans. There is some life here, but it is incompatible with human life.
VIII 30 AU Brammian


Starport: B
Berthing Costs: Cr50,000/week

Fist is a highly exclusive luxury resort world. With a population of only 30,000 it is under populated, but mostof those are billionaires taking advantage of the tax free residency of the world.


Starport: C
Berthing Costs: Cr500/week

Eirus is a small jovian world further out in the system, and is where most ships actually stop. Its largest moon, Dore, has a small starport with refuelling facilities, though refuelling directly from the gas giant is also possible.

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