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Kydde 1810

No native life out of the oceans, just bare rock. There is a population of 80 million living here, surviving through use of the Kelp farms along the coasts. They have a TL 5 civilisation, basically early to mid 20th century, using nuclear fission power plants due to the lack of fossil fuels. The power plants are interesting to say the least, and quite dangerous. A religious cult of sorts has risen up around the management of these plants.

Multiple nations on the world, there isn’t a world government yet. About five major nations, on each of the main landmasses, with two on the northern polar continent. Temperature is pleasantly warm, unpleasantly warm at the equator.

Battery power is common - they’ve invented a ‘clean’ energy economy because they can’t miniaturise the nuclear power. If it isn’t electric, it is man power.

Main starport is a city by itself, cordoned off from the common folk. Trade goes through, but it is regulated. Culture is 1930s western, fewer cars and no planes except which can be brought in from outside (batteries are too heavy). The rich have access to grav.

Gas Giants

The system has four gas giants, each of which is controlled by a different faction.


Imperium controlled, there is always at least one light cruiser here, keeping an eye on things. There is also a scout base here, which may have useful contacts. On IIIa, a Europan world. Small base of 500 people, with sensors and other systems. There may be people with information on the route ahead.


General Development Company (GeDeCo) controls this world, so technically Imperium but they give preference to their own trading vessels.


Company of Grandmotherly Kindness, an Aslan company. Their hold is tentative, and clashes with the Tyeyo Dust-Spice Importers who want to claim it.


Acquisition of Things Not-Us, a Florian company.

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