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Lilgan 2719

Sprawling farmland covers much of the world, with a low population that manages the robots which perform most of the heavy work.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 8,000km (density 5.7)
Gravity: 65%
Day Length: 19h 25m
Orbit: 155MKm (IV)
Atmosphere: Standard (83%)
Hydrographics: 70%

Port/TL: C/8
Population: 80 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law Level: 7 (Shotguns prohibited)


Orbit Distance Type Description
A 35Mkm VulcanianBelt
I 45Mkm Hermian
II 85Mkm Cytherean
III 105Mkm Arean-Lucastric 5,000km diameter, thin carbon dioxide atmosphere, 30% water. Simple life.
IV 155Mkm EuGaian Lilgan, main world.
V 250Mkm Pelagic Gelidian 13,000km diameter, 12km deep ocean, frozen over. No atmosphere.
VI 3AU EuArean
VII 5AU Selenian
VIII 10AU Neptunian
IX 20AU Thean Icy world, 20,000km diameter. Very thin hydrogen atmosphere.
X 30AU Neptuian
XI 45AU Gelidian 1,000km diameter.
XII 60AU MesoUtgardian 4,000km diameter.
XIII 85AU Chthonian 30,000km diameter.


Lilgan is a rich agricultural world, producing far more food than is necessary to feeds it population. Most of the suitable land has been turned over to agricultural use, with the population living in small distributed cities around the coastlines. The bulk of the farming is done by giant robotic machinery - most of it imported from elsewhere, but maintained and run by the locals.

The standard of living on Lilgan is high, mostly due to a well run bureaucracy that ensures that everyone receives enough to live a good life. This is possible due to the relatively small population having an entire world's resources available to it.

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