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Scaladon 2616

A toxic world both in terms of ecology and culture. A religious priesthood controls the world, believing that their god is imprisoned within it. They sacrifice people to their god by throwing them into the toxic seas that make up 90% of the world's surface.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map) (guide)
Diameter: 16,000km (density 5.7)
Gravity: 130%
Day Length: 22h 10m
Orbit: 160MKm (III)
Atmosphere: Dense (130%)
Hydrographics: 80%

Port/TL: A/10
Population: 600 million
Government: Religious Disctatorship
Law Level: H (Legalized oppressive practices)


There is a single F7 star here. The jump mask extends out to about 140Mkm, masking the first four planets.

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 75Mkm Hermian Barren world.
II 110Mkm Hermian Barren world.
III 160Mkm Eu Gaian Scaladon, main world.
IV 190Mkm Eu Pelagic Sapphire. Dense water world.
V 320Mkm Meso Amunian
VI 4AU Gelidian
VII 9AU Gelidian
VIII 15AU Stygian
IX 37AU Stygian


Starport: A
Berthing Cost: Cr1000/week (high-port only)
Fuel Cost: Refined, Cr500/t
Hotels: Cheap: Cr50/night, Good: Cr200/night
Downport landing: Admin 14+ (EDU; d6x4 days)
Ship Information: Admin 6+ (INT, 1d6 Hours)

Visitors to Scaladon are not permitted down to the surface of the planet without a license, which is difficult to obtain without good reason. Most instead stay at the highport, trading goods there and generally staying for as short a time as possible.

From orbit, the world looks beautiful, with emerald seas and a smattering of islands making it look like a tropical paradise. The seas though are toxic to human life, and filled with creatures that thrive on the toxicity, and in some cases even modify it into intensely painful venoms. Most of the insect species are deadly, especially several species of dragon-fly like creatures with a wingspan of 30cm. Their bite can kill a human in under five minutes.

High Port

The high port is stark in its construction, with bare metal often being used. The only art are depictions of their god Geynim, who looks like a cross between a man and a squid, with gossamer wings. Other forms of art are forbidden.

The hotels here are somewhat spartan, but reasonably comfortable and the food is of decent quality. The fact that this is an A class starport is something of an oddity, and is due to some massive engineering projects that the Prophets of Geynim embarked on in the last few decades which required a big starport. Since the failure of those projects, much of the starport is beginning to close down.



  • Common Manufactured Goods
  • Common Industrial Goods
  • Biochemicals
  • Illegal Biochemicals
  • Live Animals


  • Luxury Consumables
  • Luxury Goods
  • Common Consumables
  • Live Animals
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