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Tech-World 2624

Tech world has a population of 20 million, nearly all of them robots. The actual population of living people is unknown, but it's said there are a million robots for each human. The people of Tech World are reclusive and almost never meet each other. Their farms, cities and star ports are populated almost entirely by robots.

This is a world mostly populated with robots. It has very high technology, and an A class starport. The people who live here are highly educated, and heavily rely on technology, but they don't like to be with other people.

The level of technology here is near Imperium maximum, a feat which has only been possible through the intensive use of robots, to an extent that most humans from the Imperium would find exceedingly uncomfortable. Robots do pretty much all the work, including labour, research and just basically keeping things running.

The few thousand humans live lives of luxury, though mostly work on theoretical scientific pursuits. They live alone in huge mansions, and never see each other except by vidcam. Even procreation is via artificial insemination, and sex is either virtual or with robots. Children are raised by robots almost immediately after birth.

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