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Wildeman 2819

A moon of the second gas giant Pan, it's a rocky ice world with a large starport, which is the centre of a cluster of stations and orbital habitats that surround the giant. There are spacer tales though that something living lurks within the gas giant.

Gelidean world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 3,200km (density 1.9)
Gravity: 8.7%
Moon orbit period: 1d 8h 53
Day Length: 2d 1h 19m
Orbit: 294,000km (IV/b)

Port/TL: B/12
Population: 4 million
Government: Balkanization
Law Level: 4 (Light assault weapons prohibited)

Star System

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 60Mkm Hermian
II 120Mkm Cytherian
III 450Mkm EoArean
IV 7AU Saturnian, Pan, 127,000km diameter. Wildeman main.
V 12AU Saturnian, Dryope, 110,000km diameter.
X 60AU

Wildeman (Pan)

Refuelling directly from the gas giant of Pan is not recommended. Nobody will stop you, but ships have a habit of going missing. It is said something lives within the depths of this world.

Berthing Fees: 600Cr/week highport, 300Cr/week downport.

Wildeman is an icy moon of the gas giant Pan, a frozen world mostly consisting of water ice wrapped around a small stony core. It has no liquid water beneath the surface, though the towering cliffs and canyons suggest there was plenty of tectonic activity in the past. As well as several large craters, thousands of tiny craters cover the surface, which is littered with small chunks of rock and ice - left overs from meteorite impacts. The most notable feature of the world though are the almost transparent cliffs of pure water ice.

There's a population here of four million, about a tenth of which are on the surface, the rest in orbital habitats which encircle the world. There's another couple of million people in habitats around Pan itself, but most of the rest of the system is uninhabited.

The world consists of five major factions, centred on the surface settlements of Lashu Starport, Kelumamdur Station and Khimmar Crater, and the orbital habitats of Suukha Habitat and Ashiga Highport. Relationships are strained, but mostly limited to trade disagreements.

Lashu Starport

Lashu Starport is the main city on Wildeman, and also the location of the starport. The starport covers the surface - a number of domed mounds with bays built into the sides of them. The city itself is built beneath, tunnels and large caverns that are a couple of hundred metres beneath the surface, reachable by large vertical grav carriages that can shuttle dozens of people up and down at a time.

The population of the city is about 200,000, mostly made up of workers at the starport. The city is run by the Council, a group of half a dozen industrial leaders that manage the affairs of the city. Votes are cast by the residents on important topics, but such votes are non-binding unless there's more than a two thirds majority.

Most of the income comes from the starport, and the engineering services that they provide.

Kelumamdur Station

The second largest settlement on the world, Kelumamdur Station has a population of about 140,000. It was originally settled to mine a ferric asteroid that had come down here, but the mines have long since been exhausted. These days they are the main provider of food on Wildeman, having large subterranean algae farms and high density greenhouses that were built into the old mines.

The settlement is ruled by President Mikgaa Ikham Alikegiri, who is a somewhat aggressive leader who believes that everyone should come under the control of Kelumamdur. They barely make enough food to feed themselves, so only a small amount is distributed to the other settlements.

Khimmar Crater

Khimmar Crater is the third and smallest of the three main settlements on Wildeman. It is a collection of surface buildings mostly sitting under a dome that has been built over the crater itself. It has a population of about 50,000, and is governed by a council similar to Lashu Starport.

There is a small industrial area here, which supplies Lashu Starport with basic parts for electronics and life support systems. Not enough to trade off-world, but enough to keep themselves going.

Lilag Watch

Managed by the Listeners, Lilag Watch has about 500 people, and is a large radio base that monitors Pan for tranmissions.

Umikmu Watch

Slightly smaller than Lilag Watch, this is another watch stationer setup by the Listeners.

Suukha Habitat

Ashiga Highport

The highport of Wildeman, this is mostly just a starport. Though it's not part of the Imperium, it is operated almost as if it is.


The Listeners

A group of volunteers who run a number of listening posts around the system. They listen for broadcasts from deep within the system, trying to track and predict the messages that come out of there, and sometimes try to rescue people who they think might be trapped within the weirdness.

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