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The year in the Inner Sea is split into twelve months, and each week has seven days. There is a single Moon, which orbits once every 29.5 days.

Golarion Month Equivalent Days Season
Abadius January 31 Winter
Calistril February 28 Winter
Pharast March 31 Spring
Gozren April 30 Spring
Desnus May 31 Spring
Sarenith June 30 Summer
Erastus July 31 Summer
Arodus August 31 Summer
Rova September 30 Autumn
Lamashan October 31 Autumn
Neth November 30 Autumn
Kuthona December 31 Winter

Days of the Week: Moonday (religion, night); Toilday; Wealday; Oathday (pacts and oaths); Fireday; Starday; Sunday (rest, religion)


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