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Profession Skills

This page contains a list of less savoury Profession skills, which may commonly found on the streets of a large city such as Magnimar.

Standard profession skills which might be useful:

  • Architect - Find you way around buildings. Guess as to how strong walls or doors are, or where a particular room might be in a house.
  • Clerk
  • Engineer
  • Gambler - Helps in games of chance.
  • Librarian - Useful for researching information in libraries.
  • Sailor - Useful for tactics and strategy in sea combat.
  • Scribe
  • Soldier - Useful for tactics and strategy in land combat.


Knowing where the best spots are, or which type of mark is most likely to give generously. Can also be used to determine who are real beggars and who aren't, and who are likely to be informants. Can be used in place of Disguise, Bluff or Diplomacy when playing the role of a beggar, or Sense Motive when trying to determine the motives of other beggars.


Knowledge and experience of breaking and entering. Whilst Disable Device, Perception and Stealth are needed in the field, the profession skill helps you identify good places to rob, and the best approach to take.


A skill used by sex workers of all types. Useful for judging the best places to find work, how much someone may be willing to pay, and helping you avoid customers who may be trouble. Perform (Erotica) is used to determine how good you are in bed.

Can be used in place of Diplomacy, Bluff or Disguise when playing the role of a sex worker, or Sense Motive to determine the motives of other sex workers.


The buying and selling of stolen property, without being detected.


You work as a household servant, cleaning, serving and generally doing whatever work is required of you. Useful if you want to portray yourself as one, in order to work undercover.


Smuggling goods into and out of a city requires a range of knowledge and expertise. Finding people you can trust, determining which goods are worth smuggling, and figuring out how best to smuggle them without being noticed.

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