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Serpent's Run

Serpent's Run is the gladiatorial arena in Magnimar, though it specialises in sports that don't involve violence against sentient creatures. It is run by Jorston Droaeb.

Prestige Awards

Rep PP Cost Award
1 1 A daily jog. Spend one week to retrain your hitpoints. Gain 1 hit point (up to your potential maximum).
2 1 The was hard work. Retrain a physical or combat feat. Takes 1 weak.

Monster Rates

Jorstan Droaeb is willing to offer good rates for monsters brought unharmed to the arena. He prefers monsters which haven’t been seen before. Creatures that can speak aren’t acceptable, and anything considered intelligent and ‘Good’ are also not wanted. He does not accept swarms. They must be medium size or larger, and should not have a ranged ability that can harm the crowd.

Due to an anti-magic affect on the seating area, supernatural and spell-like abilities are generally okay.

Any creature must be brought in alive, and in reasonable enough condition to be able to fight.

Creature Type Price / HD XP / HD Reputation
Aberration 200 40 0
Animal (Large+) 125 25 0
Magical Beast 250 50 +1
Plant 50 10 -1
Vermin (Large+) 100 20 0

They give a +25% bonus payment (Price and XP) for Huge creatures. They give a +50% bonus payment (Price and XP) for Gargantuan creatures. Creatures smaller than Medium or larger than Gargantuan are not wanted.

The base reputation depends on the size of the creature:

  • Medium creatures give 1 reputation.
  • Large creatures give 2 reputation.
  • Huge creatures give 3 reputation.
  • Gargantuan creatures give 4 reputation.

Payment and XP is reduced after the first one (halved, thirded, fourthed etc), and reputation is reduced by 1 for each repeat (down to a minimum of zero).

The creature, including its corpse, belongs to Serpent Run.

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