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Founded 1201 AD
Closed 1231

The magi of Cathair covenant fled to a magical isle in the Autumn of 1231, leaving behind nothing of value. All following information on this page pertains to how the covenant was prior to this.

Historical Information

A small stone fort in north eastern Hibernia. It is organised along military lines, and is looking to turn into another Lombard. It currently consists of four maga, led by Clorinda.


Clorinda ex Tremere

Clorinda is the head of this covenant. She founded it in order to give herself a place to build herself a small army. At 45, she is the eldest maga here.

Jania ex Miscellanea

She is 28 years old.

Ffraid ex Miscellanea

She is 27 years old, and a specialist in Perdo and Corpus.

Redcap Justinia ex Mercere

She is an ungifted Redcap, 32 years old. She spends some of her time in Loch Leglean and Stonehenge.

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