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Some of the Barons in England was still seeking to replace the King John, and Prince Louis of France sends over a fleet of ships to invade England, and provide support to the rebellion. A great storm rises up in the channel however, and most of the fleet is lost. The rest are forced back to Normandy and are not in a fit state to sail again with repair.

In May of this year a great sign and portent is seen across Christendom. The sun hangs still in the sky for many hours, and there is lamentation and prayers to God for forgiveness of sins. Some call it out as a sign of the end of days, but the sun begins to move again and by the fall of night it is in its correct place in the heavens.

There is a great disruption amongst those of the Order, for many of their magics have been broken by the stillness of the Sun, and several covenants seem to be lost to this world.


On the 24th July, Pope Innocent III dies and is succeeded by Pope Honorius III.

King John of England, who was never a peaceful man at best, becomes violently insane. It is said that he has Queen Isabelle killed, for she is not seen in the last days of his reign. In July the King falls ill and dies. His son, Henry III of England is made King at the age of eight. Though he protests that he is too old, William Marshal is made regent. King John is buried in a secret location, for he is still excommunicated from the Church and not permitted burial on sanctified ground.


Archmage Murion, Prima of House Bonisagus and Praeco of the Rhine Tribunal, has a letter sent around to all covenants known to the Order asking them to account for their condition, and provide any knowledge that they may have of the Long Day. It also gives notice of an emergency Grand Tribunal to be held at Durenmar in the summer of 1218.

There is news of a great host massing in the East, which has brought terror and darkness upon the empires of those lands.


It is said that the bodies of strange creatures are washed up on the shores of Norfolk. They have the heads and fore hooves of horses, but great tails like a fish. They are of the size of warhorses, and number half a dozen.

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