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After their victory the previous year, the Brothers of the Sword begin to conquer Estonia.

There are further tales of unrest in the East, and the prices of some Eastern spices and silks are much higher than normal.

In Loch Leglean, there is a gathering of magi at Mac Gruagach, to honour those who had fallen or been lost. There were many magi of the gruagach tradition who were said to be immortal, and few of their number survived the Long Day.


There is conflict between Iceland and Norway over trade. A delegation from Norway arrives in Iceland, but it causes a civil war on the isle which results in the isolationists seizing control. The Norwegians are mostly killed in the conflict, but some escape back to Norway.

The Pope Honorius III declares that Ferdinand III is the legitimate heir to the crown of the Kingdom of Leon.

There is an Emergency Tribunal held at Durenmar, to discuss the events of two years ago. Many elder magi were not in attendance, for they had succumbed to age or been lost in a regio during the Long Day. There is an accounting of losses, and information on events of that time is shared by the archmage Marion and the other Bonisagi. Many other magi withhold details however, for they do not wish to give sign of their covenant’s weakness to possible enemies. The consensus of the Order is that the event was a Divine one, for nothing else could have such far reaching effects. Some believe that it heralded the second advent, or the birth of the antichrist, though not all were in agreement with this. The biggest dissenters were those of House Criamon. Tortilis Veritum ex Criamon claims that the event heralded the breaking of the Cycle of Time. Most of the Central Clutch of Criamon had been lost though when the Cave of Twisting Shadows was lost, and much of that House’s knowledge went with them. He claims though that these magi, as well as others lost in magical regiones, had escaped the Cycle into glorious Hypostasis. The Jerbiton maga Isabelle Stabilis tries to find agreement between the Criamon and the Bonisagus, but in the end the House Criamon’s view of events is considered to be unhelpful.


The Covenant of Cruentis Petram is founded in the Yorkshire Dales in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

In October, Otto IV raises an army against the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II. Frederick is defeated and retreats to regroup, leaving Otto in control of the southern Rhine over the winter.

A group of non-Hermetic magi are hunted down and killed by two Flambeau magi in Kent. They had tracked the hedge wizards across the Normandy Tribunal after they had refused to join the Order.


There is a wizard's war in Normandy between Kurin ex Flambeau and Flavius ex Tytalus which causes trouble when a village is partly destroyed in the combat. Kurin (the aggressor) is slain, and Flavius claims that Kurin was responsible for all the damage.

There is a great rumbling from beneath the ground in Wales, which is felt also in England. Some claim to see lights in the sky above Snowdonia, and many flock to the churches for protection.

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