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At the beginning of spring, in 1221, a group of young magi fresh out of apprenticeship are expected to be joining the covenant.

Columbanus ex Guernicus, a Quaesitor magus specialised in Vim.

Umber Ex Miscellaneous, a shapechanging maga from Ultima Thule who can take the forms of a fox and falcon and is specialised in cold magic.

Shale Ex Miscellanea, a giant magus who is 8ft tall and is specialised in Terram magics.

Alicia ex Criamon, a maga with faerie blood who studies the Enigma and has visions of the future and has strong specialisations in Rego Corpus.

Antonius ex Jerbiton, a diplomatic magus specialised in Mentem whose Gift does not upset mundanes.

They have been met by Peter the Bard, an ungifted Redcap who will be showing them the way to the covenant of Cruentis Petram.

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