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1221 (Start of Campaign)



As reported by Justinia ex Mercere

Sawel ex Miscellanea of Ungulus covenant has taken on an apprentice that he has named Gillia. She was found wandering the shores of Lake Windermere with little memory of her mortal parents, but has the Gift and seems to be of high intelligence. She also did not seem to be overly concerned by Sawel’s fire breathing warhound of a familiar.

There have been sightings of a great black stag on the northern Dales. It was seen near Marrick Priory fighting several wolves, and was capable of crushing their heads with a single kick. The monk who saw it said that it was twice the size of any stag he has seen before.

There was no Tribunal held in Loch Leglean last year, and Quaesitor Whitburh Frithowebba has announced that she will not try to call one, or try to hurry a decision about a replacement Praeco, though by default it would probably be Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea of covenant Mac Gruagach.

The magi of Blackthorn have declared that they do not recognise the next Tribunal which will be held at Voluntas, and will be holding their own Tribunal at Blackthorn at the same time, in the summer of 1222.

There was news of great massacres in Persia, at the cities of Gurganj and Merv by the Mongol hordes and over a million people were slain. Their bodies were piled against the walls of the city, reaching to their very tops, and a great fire was set, sending dark clouds of burning ash of the dead westward towards Europe.


As reported by Sachenross ex Mercere

King Alexander of Scotland married Joan, sister of Henry III at York Minister.

The magi of Libellus Covenant in Devon told me that a cult of diabolists had been causing trouble for them near Exeter. They were found by Justin ex Tremere and Lucidia ex Flambeau, who quickly set about burning them to death in the usual way. Justin claimed that they were doing some human sacrifice ritual when they were found. From the bits of cultists that were left, they saw the mark of an empty circle on their left wrist.

At a church in Wakefield, there hangs a bell on a wall. Some pilgrim from the Holy Land brought it back, and claims that ringing it will banish all evil spirits within hearing.

The magus Calvinus ex Jerbiton, of Florum covenant in Normandy, is seeking original tractatus on either Mentem or Imagonem. He is willing to swap for similar works to his own.

In the Sea of Crete there was a big storm that blew for three days and nights. Lots of ships were sunk, and several towns were flooded or washed into the sea. The Pope said that God was upset because the Crusader’s hadn’t managed to kill all the bloody Saracens. If you ask me, it was probably Saracen sorcerers.

The magi Lucius and Lucretia ex Flambeau want everyone to know that they want to make money killing things that need killing in Stonehenge. They said they’d do it for free if it’s a rogue wizard or a diabolist. I think they only do legal stuff though.

The summer has been warm and dry, and the harvest for the year is not expected to be great, though there is no fear of famine. The same weather has been suffered across Normandy as well as Stonehenge.


As reported by Peter the Bard ex Mercere

The Crusaders give up the city of Damietta to Sultan Kamil in exchange for safe passage back to the Nile delta. From there, they seek to return to Europe and end their Crusades, however there is a lack of sufficient ships available and they may be forced to stay until the following year.

The maga Loria ex Miscellanea has been slain by Umbriel ex Miscellanea after Loria attacked the magi of Cruentis Petram covenant when they uncovered her interfering with mundanes. Umbriel’s actions are currently being treated as self defence, but will be investigated in more detail at the Tribunal next year.

Caltis ex Tremere of Nigrasaxa has a supply of three rooks of Imagonem vis,, which he wishes to exchange for vis of any technique at the usual rate of exchange.

Maximianus ex Bonisagus also of Nigrasaxa is seeking any information that any magi have on new forms of undead, either of the body or of spirit. Such knowledge he is willing to pay for in access to his personal library.

Watching Herritia ex Tytalus practise her sword skills shortly after dawn makes the trip to Nigrasaxa so worth while. She is a fair young lady, though most unladylike in her choice of skills and language. The exertion makes her look all the more desirable however.

Several ships have gone missing in the British Sea, their smashed wooden hulls have come ashore along the southern coast. There have been no storms however which were likely to have caused a ship to break apart, and the cause is a mystery.

The Holy Roman Emperor, Otto IV, having retaken the city of Brunswick has ordered the construction of defensive walls which will turn the city into a fortress.


As reported by Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

There has been a heavy winter in Loch Leglean, with thick snow covering most of Scotland and the islands. Weather of such coldness has not been seen in these lands in living memory.

Horsingas covenant was attacked shortly after Christmas by wild wolves and other faerie creatures. It is not known whether they provoked the attack, or if it was brought on by the strange weather. The beasts were driven off without any casualties amongst the magi, though many of their grogs were killed.

A three armed child was born to a woman near Bedale. The woman was driven from the village with her child, and has not been seen since. It is believed that she either perished in the cold, or was taken back by whatever creature fathered the abomination on her.

Iceland and Norway are preparing for war, though nothing is likely to happen until the weather improves next year. King Haakon of Norway seeks revenge for the killing of Jarl Skuli in 1218. He has a number of non-Hermetic wizards ready to sail with his warriors, so the results should be interesting, especially if the legends of Iceland’s defences are true.

There was a fire in the sky above the northern Dales, as if a star was falling from the heavens. It possibly landed somewhere near Semer Water, though I did not see exactly where.

A murderer was hung in the woods by Wensley at the end of Autumn, and left to rot without burial. Peasants have reported that flowers have been seen growing beneath his body, even though there is snow on the ground.

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