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Summer, 1221

The hedge wizard Matilda ex Miscellanea comes to the covenant to warn the magi that a band of armoured thugs are causing trouble on the roads to the north, and that they have a maga with them. The magi go to investigate and uncover a plot involving the Welsh maga Loria ex Miscellanea (an ignem specialist) and the Baron Argus of Leicester to assassinate King Henry at his sister's wedding in York. With the help of Videnaeci, they neutralise the threat. Umbriel slays Loria with a Bolt of Incandescent Lightning. Umbriel will need to account for her actions at the Tribunal next year, but since Loria struck first she should not face charges.

The magi also meet Corva ex Bjornaer from Voluntas covenant, and find a Perdo summa bound with demon skin, written by a magus named Wulfengard.

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