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Autumn, 1221

Quaesitor Columbanus is asked to go and talk to the magi at Blackthorn to try and persuade them to attend the next Tribunal at Voluntas. It is thought that possibly a young covenant not yet entrenched with any of the political factions might be listened to. Columbanus and a few of the magi plus travelling companions head down to Wales.

They spend a night at a monastery, where they are disturbed by the sound of terrible screaming coming from within the monastery. Their attempts to investigate are rebuffed by the monks, but Moss manages to find his way to a room where a Brother Michael is being kept tied up, and wrapped entirely in bandages. He seems to be in a lot of pain. Moss is told that nothing can be done for Brother Michael, since he is already dead.

The group decide that since it's not a threat to them, then they will not try to involve themselves further.

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