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The Unquiet Dead

Autumn, 1221

Before leaving the monastery the magi decide to try to persuade the abbot to let them investigate Brother Michael after all. The Templar Karl-Erik and Antonius manage to convince the Abbot, and they are allowed up to see the dead monk and take a proper look. Despite the Divine aura here, Antonius is able to determine that the monk's body is dead, but his mind is very much alive, but pretty much insane.

The monks had noticed that Brother Michael had started to smell and look a bit pale a few days after the Long Day, so he probably died during that event and his soul was unable to pass on. It is a situation the magi have heard of before, but not encountered themselves.

Karl-Erik manages to persuade the monks to let them perform an 'exorcism' in the open air, outside the monastery. Antonious provides the spirit with final rest, and the monks are able to bury the body.

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