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Autumn, 1221

Near Wales, the magi rest the night at a small shrine where a monk sits asking for alms. He has a chest full to the brim with gold and silver. He does not seem otherwise unusual, and seems well versed in theology. Moss comes back from a hunt in the woods to report a ruined chapel with unsettling inhabitants (a strange young girl, who did not speak).

Bringing the others to the chapel, it appears quite normal. Quaesitor Columbanus detects an infernal aura to the place though, and there seems to be long dried blood on the alter. Returning to the camp, the monk has gone but has left his chest behind.

In the morning they pack up and leave, and soon encounter a village filled with the lazy, violent and lustful. Inside the church a circle has been carved upon the floor, and a crazy priest spouts heretical ramblings about the death of God. Karl-Erik slays him, and his blood is spilled onto the circle, where it begins to rapidly flow around the outside. Shale quickly destroys the floor to drain the blood away safely.

They decide that the place is too dangerous to interfere with, especially so close to Blackthorn where any trouble they cause might affect that covenant. They travel on to Blackthorn, which is but a few days from here.

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